• Who are we?

    We a group of passionate thinkers, designers and engineers who believe that Internet can do much better than it is in current stage. We have come together to build a fundamentally new fabric for the internet that puts the user at the centre of the design to enable human like digital interactions.

  • What matters to us?

    Most of our team members were kids or adolescents when we experienced internet. Sharing information from one computer to another was purely magical. Growing up, most of us were exposed to Social Media platforms like Orkut, and Facebook; as well as digital platforms such as WikiPedia and Google. While we benefited from these platforms growing up, now as adults we also see an evil side of the platforms. We simply can not let the internet drive in its current direction and we at Sarvalabs demanded for a new direction for ourselves, and for our coming generation. Building a new digital order where the digital consumer defines their experience - this is what matter to us

  • What we do?

    To manifest our vision, we come up new ideas, design, architecture, design patterns and processes to personalize the internet. Our first such effort is My Own Internet (MOI) - the world's first context-aware peer-to-peer network that humanizes digital interaction in a multi-dimensional value system.

  • How we do?

    As Swami Dayananda Saraswati once said, a value is valuable only if the value of the value is valuable to oneself. Inspired from this blessed guidance, we understand that a personalized internet can be built only when we keep the user's context at the heart of the entire system. MOI is built to capture user's context in every step of their digital interaction and use it gracefully to enable settlement of interactions with nodes that are familiar with the user's context along with sizeable random nodes, enough to prevent collusion. We put love and devotion into our work.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our team will come back to you in no time